Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Aimi Life ^^

I believe this is the first time I introduce myself to you. However through Aimi Boutique I have found and still finding great friends!
Aimi is part of the non-ordinary world, watching NHK since she was 5 years old and then later on moved to Japan (Ehime-Ken). Looking around and trying to make my new shelter in Japan, it was hard since culture/language is different. I really enjoyed to watch TV in Japan specially programs for kids and teenagers.
One thing I would never forget was my first time in Tokyo, everything was most like what you see in TV, yeah Cosplay and very unique person in style! Those girls look like dolls and I was amazed.
Now at my age I want to share my experience with you, to anyone is interested in Japanese/Korean culture and one of their dreams is go to Japan or Korea can always check my blog, I tried my best to feed my readers with news/fashion style and etc.
This is what inspired me by open Aimi Boutique, that everyone has the opportunity to experiment Asian Fashion Style.
Theses picture above, remind me my days in Japan.
Would you like to travel to Japan or Korea? Have you ever been in these countries? What do you like the most from Korea or Japan?

P.S. I'm sorry if I've been absent during this week but I was and still a bit sick

- Aimi


Akarii said...

Hi friend! so good entry !! :D

I want to go! hehehe to Japan and Korea :D

I hope you feel better soon, i send you hugs and kisses XOXO [:

Lyren said...

Love the pictures <3

I'd love to go to Japan, everyone's telling me that it's a lovely place to go :D

Get well soon!

LĂ­gia said...

Ohh i loved this post! So cool!! ^^
Forsure i would loooove to go to Korea!! <3
Btw, Aimi.. lets go together.. ahaha.. this way u'll go to meet YuChun and i'm going to meet Xiah! hahaha
But seriously, i really love the different styles tht u can see on Japan/Korea/China! Thts awesome!! ^^

brubru_loirinha said...

Yay!!! nice post, Aimi! ^^
i always liked of asian culture! hihi
i think the clothes and acesories r too cute!! ihihi ^^
and sure, i would like to visit those countries.. specially Korea! heheh
i'm gonna wait for JJ be single again, then i'll go! lol

Aimi Boutique said...

@ Akari and Lyren ^^ Thank you very much I'm feeling better ^^!!
@Akari, Lyren, Ligia and Bruna, yes lets do a field trip!!! Aimi Boutique field trip lol.
Japan, Korea and China are wonderful countries for being too cute^^. I wonder why the entire world can't be cute/kawaii? and no wars :(

trishie said...

Hey Aimi! What a wonderful post, i love japan and korea and this post makes me want to visit those places again.

PS: hope you're feeling much better now.

milk overdose said...

these lady gaga's outfits are amazing! and what a cute panda package! my biggest dream is to go to japan to see all this for myself, really...i would love to :)

lucky you! :*