Tuesday, April 6, 2010


This is one of so many Sweater Necklace Designs that Aimi Boutique will have in the e-store (coming soon in the mid of April). Prices arrange from:
Jewelery: 2 USD to 10 USD.
Clothes: 10 USD to .........
Shoes: 12 USD to ..........

Bags: 8 USD to .......

You can always Pre-Order stuff, I will posting soon the album of the items to Pre-Order. I do this because, most of the time I run out of stock and people leave empty handed :( .

We will be more than happy to help you to find what you like, so If there is something that you have in mind from Japan or Korea (Clothes, Shoes, Jewelery or Bags) please let us know so we can satisfy your needs ^^.

To Pre-Order items you can always email to AIMIBOUTIQUE@GMAIL.COM

We try to give you the best from Japan and Korean Fashion "THE LATEST DESIGNS"
, always giving you the latest news ^^.

P.S. You can always purchase this cute jewelry at www.aimiboutique.bigcartel.com

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