Sunday, January 10, 2010


Hello pals ^^
Let me give you a great news ^^, if you would like to advertise at Aimi Boutique's Blog is absolute and ridiculous for FREE.
I just started this blog weeks ago and so far I'm having lots of visits per day, however I'm always networking everyday, every hour, every minute, every second and always giving my blog link so I can add more traffic to this website and all my advertisers have a successful sells.
I'm also doing GIVEAWAYS once a month so people get more interested in coming here and more people can see your ads ^^.

So here are the requirements:
  • Banner needs to be 126x136
  • Please design the banner ad according to the blog as well (lets show some respect, clean or something like the others ad showing in my blog)
  • Don't forget to send me your store link (I'm just saying store as sample it can be anything) so it can be redirect to your website. 
Ok, when you are done with all these requirements you can send it to as subject please write "FREE ADVERTISING SPACE"

Thank you very much and let's sell ^^
Have a wonderful day!

- Aimi